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I need to be honest with you about something.

Posted by PencilArtistEnt - July 5th, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I usually don't post stuff like this, but just a heads up, things will get dark.

I need to be honest with you about something. It's something that I have been (sort of) keeping secret for a while now. It needs to be discussed to feel better about myself, knowing that I made the right decision in being honest.

See, I haven't been the same person I was in October 2020, making Rated-E content for all the youngsters to enjoy. I'm also not the same person who made the first Rated-T content a few months back.

I have a Twitter account I made in May 2020, a few days after my 21st birthday, specifically to post Rated-M content and interact with 18+ accounts. Yes, you read this right. I have an AD account on Twitter and am now a Rated-M Digital Artist.

I didn't start this habit of making Mature-themed art recently. It all happened a few years ago before I was 18. I was careless on the computer once, searching up random images. What got me to be enticed by boobs and butts was an optical illusion. That is exactly what porn is. Nothing but an optical illusion that hypnotizes you and plays tricks with your mind. After that day, a domino effect occurred where one thing led to another. I searched for more images like these and drew them myself on notebook paper. My parents knew about this eventually, and I was punished for it. I'm kind of glad they intervened. Looking back at my life, I regret many things I have done. So much so that I've trashed most of my mature-themed art and never go back to it. In addition to this, I have put site blockers on all of my devices to not fall into severe pornography addiction.

Because of my internal hatred for pornography, I promise never to post Rated-A artwork. I now consider the M Rating as the threshold for my art because it still has a little bit of innocence in it. I might post some of my Rated-M content here since Newgrounds allows you to filter out content in this channel via the age ratings. Right now, though, I'm not going to do anything with that thought too much.

Also, just know that I will NOT pour all of my heart and soul into Rated-M artwork from now on because it will poison my heart and soul more than before. In other words, I am not going to replace all the beloved characters of mine from the Pencil Artist Cartoon Universe with characters that shouldn't be for young kids anyway. I prefer to live in a reality that includes God's given truth and forgiveness than to live in an illusion.

I mentioned earlier that I also use my AD account on Twitter to interact with 18+ accounts. They're not porn actors (as if porn acting IS a real art) but instead artists and art hobbyists like you and me. I again met some of these Twitter artists before I was 18. When I look at their artwork, I don't look at their art too much. Instead, I look closely at their art STYLES. There's something about their art styles that shows how they take anatomical structures and draw them in a way that makes you wonder. True, they may be using their hard work, talent, time, money, heart, and soul for spiritual GARBAGE, but it's still interesting.

The best thing about drawing artwork for 18+ accounts is that it doesn't have to be NSFW. When I show my appreciation for them by drawing fan art, they say how much they love seeing their character in my cartoony art style, whether or not I draw something mature. It's like these 18+ accounts recognize beauty and goodness when they see it.

As a Christian, I recognize humanity is imperfect. Despite our ability to think and understand, we still succumb to the effects of sin, no thanks to Satan and the stupid fruit that the serpent gave to Eve. Even though these 18+ artists succumb to the deadly sin of lust, they still share great ideas. They get bonus points if it's an idea that everybody can see and/or use.

Remember Kasper, that joke dog fursona I made about a month ago? Well, he is the mascot for my AD account and for a very good reason. The whole point for making that account was because there were two events where I didn't know what I was messing with back then.

The first time was when I participated in an art raffle with a mature-themed artist that I didn't even know WAS mature-themed. The art raffle starred a furry, macro giantess and the person who won first place gets to be in her cleavage. Of course, I put my persona in this art raffle, not knowing what to expect. Funny enough, I won FIRST PLACE in that art raffle, which was a pleasant surprise at first. However, when I finally discovered that she (or he? idk, honestly) made mature-themed art, that surprise feeling changed into regret. I won first prize, but it came with a cost. A follower I have a pleasant time with on Discord unfollowed me. I still regret that day.

The second time was when I drew fan art of @/sgnivnika's Talking Bella And Friends, which at the time the meme was quite popular. After I drew the piece and posted it, many people on Discord thought the art was more suggestive than usual. I assure you that Rotten Strawberry's characters were already drawn in a safe-for-work nude fashion, so I don't necessarily see the piece I drew as porn. However, that DID give me the motivation to make some sort of Content Spectrum to determine whether an art piece is SFW, ASFW (Almost Safe For Work), QSFW (Questionable Safe For Work), BSFW (Barely Safe For Work), and NSFW. I would share that with you, but the NSFW stuff ALONE makes me not to.

After those instances, it was clearly evident that I needed a safe space to interact with 18+ accounts. As a result, I made Kasper the punching bag for anything NSFW. Now, before I go on, I do see more potential with Kasper as more than a punching bag. Unfortunately, he has become a victim of circumstance with no choice but to keep pushing on with this.

You've probably noticed that I haven't mentioned the name of this AD account. That's because I am not going to. Why? Tell me, when is it a good idea to post a link to something that could potentially corrupt the innocence of children? I'll tell you when: NEVER. As a Christian, it's my solemn duty to do the right things for others even when my conscience can be corrupted.

So, yeah, that's pretty much it for this confession. I am sorry if I have traumatized you while reading this. There was honestly no other way to reword this.

TL;DR Edition: I confess that I have an AD account for matured-themed art, with Kasper, my joke fursona, as its mascot. I made this account for a good reason, and I have taken it upon myself to think, understand, and do better mentally than I did long ago. I don't plan to draw mature-themed art more than my Rated-E art or even do adult-themed art when I am made for more than this. Hopefully, you understand.

Sincerely, Reilly Hendrix




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